10 Tips to Make Remote Learning Easier for Everyone

COVID-19 has made many parents now need to take on the responsibilities of work, parent, and teacher, all simultaneously. Children from elementary school ages all the way up to college are having to quickly adjust to remote learning. Here are 10 tips to help make remote learning a little easier for everyone involved. These tips will benefit both parents and children, and establish a better harmony at home.

10 Tips for Remote Learning

  1. Set a schedule and stick to it every week
  2. Create a space for the child to do their school work with all of their school supplies and materials
  3. Provide a space that works well with learning (if possible, a place away from distractions)
  4. Create a daily and weekly plan so expectations can be set
  5. Don't just teach, try to help them understand any concept they are struggling with
  6. Make sure all work is completed on time
  7. Help them check any messages they may have and regularly communicate with teachers
  8. Be understanding, this is a tough situation for both parents, children, and teachers
  9. Identify and discuss any problems or barriers that may come along the way
  10. Take advantage of the school's resources 


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