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Why Your Company Needs to Become a Wellness Company

It’s not enough to add some extra hand sanitizers around the office, the pandemic has proven that companies need to dedicate more time and resources to the health and wellness of their employees.

4 Reasons to Include Environmental Wellness in Your Wellness Program

What is environmental wellness? Environmental wellness is all about creating a clean, safe, and healthy environment to surround ourselves in. Not everyone is passionate, or even aware of environmental wellness. However, everyone in the organization...

4 No-cost Employee Wellness Strategies and Ideas

Did you know that Kentucky actually has almost double the % smokers than the % smokers in California? This is because California has fostered a widespread culture that discourages people from smoking. The state is very known for being...

Upskilling: The Secret Weapon to a Successful Wellness Strategy

Employees are understandably feeling mentally exhausted or unmotivated. A comprehensive wellness strategy can directly target the root causes of these feelings, such as inactivity, stress, anxiety, poor physical health, and strenuous caregiving...

3 Ways Great Work Culture Boosts Productivity

It's no secret that a positive attitude leads to better mental, emotional, and physical wellness. However, these benefits aren't limited to just personal health. Harvard Business Review found that positive work culture is linked to better employee...

Why It's Beneficial to Include Family Members in Your Wellness Program

Including Family Members Spouses and family members are often left out of wellness programs because many organizations think it is unnecessary or too expensive. Some people believe that spouses and family members are not even related to specific...


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