Steps for Safe Outdoor Gatherings

    Right now, government regulations regarding reopening and social gatherings vary across state lines. However, no matter what state you reside in, outdoor gatherings are encouraged. That being said, it's important to participate in outdoor gatherings...

    Wellness Resources to Aid with Health

    During these unprecedented times of a global health crisis we are focusing on a different dimension of wellness each week.  Last week on the wellness portal we focused on physical wellness with the Flex Time personal challenge, encouraging...

    How to Boost Your Mental Health

    It’s never been a more crucial time to focus on mental and emotional well-being. Many of us have understandably lost sight of our normal self-care routines. So how do we begin to pick up the pieces, re-create and return back to our healthy habits?

    How to Stay Safe in the Sun

    Practicing sun safety requires more than just wearing sun screen on sunny days. While we support getting outdoors and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, sun exposure does pose risks to our short-term and long-term health.  Learn about what risks...

    The Difference Between Anxiety and Worry

    Have you ever wondered what is causing that pounding heart and racing mind? It could be a very normal amount of the jitters. Or, it could be something a little more serious that might demand some attention and support.

    Seven Steps to Managing Worry

    We recently talked about anxiety on this blog. In general, anxiety shows up more in the body and worry shows up more in the mind.  “Worrying is thinking about a potential problem, and anxiety is feeling it in your body.” It is very normal to...


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