COVID-19 & Workplace Well-being: How Employers Can Help

    COVID-19 and the pandemic has negatively impacted Americans in so many ways. With job loss, financial struggles, death of loved ones, increased fear and added anxiety has caused an increase in mental health symptoms this year.

    COVID-19 & Workplace Well-being: Increased Mental Health Risks

    The current pandemic has affected all of our lives. The changes and fears associated with COVID-19 have deeply affected Americans' mental health and there has been a reported increase in mental health symptoms. 

    COVID-19 & Workplace Well-being: The Effect on Work Life

    The pandemic has brought a lot of fear to people’s lives. Not knowing how it will affect you and your family or not knowing how long the pandemic will last can be scary. But it has especially brought fear to workplace worries.

    10 Tips to Combat Zoom Fatigue

    Whether you're using Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, or another video platform, chances are you've become a little fatigued by all of the video meetings in 2020.

    Gratitude Is More Than Just A Habit

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so let's talk about gratitude! Practicing gratitude has a major impact on your mental health and physical health, according to Harvard. Some of the benefits of gratefulness include feeling happy, improved...

    The Weekly Reset

    Right now, many of us are constantly feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. Wouldn't it be great if there were a button we could push to just "reset", and get more relaxed and energized? While this magic reset button doesn't really exist, there are a...


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