Take a Full Lunch Break

What do you typically do for your lunch break? Do you typically skip lunch, work through it, or eat something quick so you can get back to what you were doing? Many people do these things, and there is actually some research about it and the effect on your daily life.


Tork created a campaign called “Take Back the Lunch Break”, which has been conducting research to gain a better understanding of the benefits of taking a lunch break and the dangers of skipping out. In 2017, Tork surveyed 1,600 employees and found that many workers feel pressured to not take a full lunch break because they think that they will be judged by coworkers and bosses as less productive and less hardworking. However, according to Tork, workers who do take their full lunch break every day “score higher on a wide range of employee metrics”, including job satisfaction and the likelihood to continue working at the same company or recommend their employer to others.

Why is taking a full lunch break so important?

Taking time away from your desk is extremely important because:

  • It can help reduce stress
  • It allows you time to connect with coworkers or family members
  • It helps increase job engagement
  • It helps to restore energy levels
  • It encourages employees to feel more effective and productive


Next time you’re thinking about skipping lunch or scarfing something down to prepare for your next meeting, think again. Make it your personal goal this week to take your full lunch break every day, after all, you are entitled to it. Pack a nutritious lunch with foods that leave you feeling recharged and energized for the rest of the day!


In the most tumultuous year ever, it's incredibly important for employees to take their health and well-being seriously. Here are a few resources to help get started: