Unlock the Potential of Employees and Organizations

Good Health is Good Business

When your employees feel better, not only are they happier, they're more focused, and more productive, meaning they can do more for your company and your bottom line. Helping your employees isn't just a good thing to do, it's a smart business decision for your company. Our powerful wellness platform and customized solutions offer a unique approach that makes it easy to create healthy habits that can actually last, so your employees can become the best versions of themselves. 

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What Makes OnSite Wellness Different?

  • We are woman-owned: We are so proud of the fact that OnSite Wellness' co-owners, Amy Ritsema and Mary Klines have worked together in the corporate wellness industry for over 25 years and founded OnSite Wellness together in 2006. Today, they work tirelessly to grow their women-owned business, serving national clients and bettering the lives of employees.
  • We have a combined century of experience: On the leadership team alone, we have over 100 years of experience in the corporate wellness industry. With our extensive experience and modern solutions, we bring a fresh, new perspective to corporate wellness.
  • We are accessible and nimble: Our state-of-the-art wellness platform allows us to help you design a wellness solution that is customized to your company and your employees. Your account team is accessible to all employees and will respond to any inquiries or needs directly and quickly.

What Service Options Does OnSite Wellness Provide?

  • Creative challenges: Choose from over 300 pre-built challenges or build your own.
  • Comprehensive Health Questionnaire: Measure across the 6 key dimensions of wellbeing: emotional, occupational, social, financial, physical, and purpose.
  • Easy access: Track your progress easily and conveniently via the online portal, mobile app, text messaging, or wearable device.
  • Meaningful rewards: Engage your team with customizable incentives, raffles, fitness gear, gift cards, and more!
  • Biometric screenings: Deliver an in-depth, personalized health assessment in a short amount of time with paperless HIPAA compliant screenings. Learn more about our biometric screening offerings by downloading our free infographic, here.
  • Wellness coaching: Build trusting relationships with professional coaches to set goals, track, and offer constructive accountability to help you accomplish your goals.
  • Nicotine cessation: Empower your employees to kick the habit with the professional help of certified coaches.
  • OnSite time: Maximize the impact of your wellness program with dedicated wellness professionals OnSite.
  • Consulting: Ensure wellness compliance, program design, effective communication, integration, and more.
  • Strategic planning: Design and develop a comprehensive well-being strategy that is completely unique to your organization.

Why is Wellness with Purpose Important?

With our step-by-step process, we guide you through each crucial part of the process to make sure your employees stay on track to a healthier lifestyle. 

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Everyone's path to wellness is unique, so we enable your employees to track and plan their own course, whether they want to focus on nutrition, fitness, financial, or mental health. At OnSite Wellness we believe that giving people control over their well-being empowers them to do truly great things and live their best life. As your employees engage in OnSite Wellness programs, they will start to see that small wins lead to big victories. And all victories lead to increased wellness, a healthier overall organization, and better business results.  

We can help your employees and your business, contact us below to get started. Contact Us!