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The Difference Between Anxiety and Worry

Have you ever wondered what is causing that pounding heart and racing mind? It could be a very normal amount of the jitters. Or, it could be something a little more serious that might demand some attention and support.

Seven Steps to Managing Worry

We recently talked about anxiety on this blog. In general, anxiety shows up more in the body and worry shows up more in the mind. “Worrying is thinking about a potential problem, and anxiety is feeling it in your body.” It is very normal to...

How to Combat Work-at-Home Burnout

There are many different reasons why this is a challenging time for many, including change, the unknown, and all of our worlds colliding at home.


Last week we talked about the various benefits of gardening and the best plants to start with. This week we'll dive into some tips and tricks to getting started. A 2017 research article revealed some surprising health benefits that result from...


Looking for a new hobby to get you out of the house and connected with nature? Believe it or not, gardening is much more than just a hobby that gets your hands dirty. The act of cultivating fresh vegetables and flowers by your own means has multiple...


Last week, we learned about the four main components that help build resilience: connection, wellness, purpose, and thoughts. This week, to wrap up our 3-part series, we will dig a little deeper and learn practical steps to help us deepen our...


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