Last week, we learned about the four main components that help build resilience: connection, wellness, purpose, and thoughts. This week, to wrap up our 3-part series, we will dig a little deeper and learn practical steps to help us deepen our connections, practice wellness, prioritize our purpose, and be more intentional about our thoughts.


Spending time connecting with those around you will help you feel supported when life gets tough. Practicing these simple actions listed below will help you build a foundational support system!

  • Smile
  • Make eye contact
  • Plan quality time with others
  • Listen to others without judgement
  • Love through action
  • Communicate with compassion and consciousness


Wellness is a word that gets used a lot today; don’t overcomplicate it, though. A healthy body and mind will help support you in times of crisis. Practice these steps below to make health your habit!

  • Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night
  • Schedule time for movement
  • Replace one drink each day with water
  • Set out easy-to-eat fruits and vegetables
  • Schedule time for relaxing activities
  • Journal or read to offer mental ‘breaks’
  • Choose to have tech-free meal times


Having a strong sense of purpose can help you remain grounded when life throws a curve ball! Find out what your purpose is, and fuel it by following these simple practices below.

  • Connect with things larger than yourself
  • Get in the habit of asking the question, “What is most important to me?”
  • Count your blessings
  • Turn your hurting into healing (for others)
  • Make a list of your personal gifts, passions, and talents


Every person has thousands upon thousands of thoughts each day.  And our thoughts create much of our reality; the more positive we think, the more positive our perception becomes.  

  • Exercise new thought patterns by learning a new skill
  • Write down your thoughts to better understand how you think
  • Practice visualization exercises
  • Practice mindfulness while working, eating, and moving
  • Imagine your life in the future when you are at your best
  • Practice using positive affirmations that boost self-confidence