COVID-19 & Workplace Well-being: Increased Mental Health Risks

    The current pandemic has affected all of our lives. The changes and fears associated with COVID-19 have deeply affected Americans' mental health and there has been a reported increase in mental health symptoms. 

    COVID-19 & Workplace Well-being: The Effect on Work Life

    The pandemic has brought a lot of fear to people’s lives. Not knowing how it will affect you and your family or not knowing how long the pandemic will last can be scary. But it has especially brought fear to workplace worries.

    COVID-19 & Workplace Well-being: Employee Mental Health

    The impact of COVID-19 and life in a pandemic has affected many people’s mental health and well-being. With an increase in anxiety and depression symptoms tripling from 2019 to 2020, these mental health struggles have not just affected our personal...

    10 Tips to Combat Zoom Fatigue

    Whether you're using Zoom, Google Meet, Webex, or another video platform, chances are you've become a little fatigued by all of the video meetings in 2020.

    15 Tips to Prevent Employee Burnout

    As the end of 2020 comes closer and closer, many of us are facing burnout and feeling especially unmotivated. Signs of burnout in the workplace have increased by 33% in 2020. Continuous burnout can significantly affect workplace retention and result...

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    [WATCH NOW] Have a Healthier Holiday

    When cookies, eggnog, and feasts are easily accessible, those holiday pounds might sneak up on you. It's the holidays and we all know what that means: tables of snacks, holiday parties, and an overloaded schedule. This time of year can really hurt...


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