3 Reasons Having Purpose is Important for the New Year

What is the purpose of life? This age-old question has baffled us humans for centuries. Of course, people throughout history have come up with a variety of answers, but one thing is clear to us all — purpose is essential for personal growth and fulfillment. 

Purpose is defined as the reason for which something exists or is done. It's an intention to achieve a long-term goal that is personally meaningful and makes a positive impact on the world. In other words, it's the reason you get out of bed every morning.

Whether you’re focused on your business or your own personal and professional goals, understanding your "why" is the key to success. When you have a sense of purpose, you live with authenticity and clarity, and you have a sense of direction and meaning. Without it, you may struggle to focus or feel motivated. And because of this, you might often feel unfulfilled.

Research has shown that having purpose staves off stress and can help you tackle challenges toward learning and growth. So it's especially important when gearing up for the new year.

When we think of New Year's resolutions, our brains immediately think of self improvement. Whether it's setting a new fitness goal, reducing drinking, or improving relationships, the most popular New Year’s resolutions are all bettering oneself. Having a sense of purpose can help drive these goals forward and keep you focused on the bigger picture.

Here are three reasons why having a strong sense of purpose can help you kick off the new year on the right foot.

1. Resilience

When things go wrong, a clear sense of purpose can help you keep perspective and provide the clarity and focus you need in order to keep pushing forward. Did you start a new exercise routine and miss a few days? No problem. You didn't fail your New Year's resolution.

A lot of unexpected events in life will come up and take you off track, but you can keep going and try again. Purpose encourages you to think in the long term, meaning you’re better able to see a way through the ups and downs of everyday life.

2. Fulfillment

If you have a strong sense of purpose, you’re better able to prioritize, plan, and take positive steps toward yours goals. This is incredibly helpful when choosing and planning your New Year's resolutions. Your goals won't just happen on their own. You need to plan what to do and prepare for any obstacles that you might run into. If your goal is to exercise more and you're struggling to get out of bed, try calling on a friend for some help and accountability.

With a clear purpose, you’re also likely to have more awareness of your impact. This creates a sense of belonging and satisfaction that feeds into your overall happiness. Plus, it's a big driver for your productivity levels and personal achievements.

3. Connection

Of course, when you live with a clear purpose, you’re more likely to engage with the people and world around you, helping you foster strong and meaningful relationships. These connections are crucial to helping you stick with your New Year's resolutions and other personal goals.

Share your goals and progress with your friends and family — it doesn't have to be a big secret. Tell your loved ones so they can support you. And during this time of year, it'll be easy finding others who are also trying to make life changes.

Connections like these are a fundamental part of your overall well-being and sense of belonging.

When you’re caught up in your busy day-to-day routine, it can be difficult to find the time and space to think clearly about your purpose — especially in the workplace. This is where we can help.

At OnSite Wellness, we can help you implement an engaging, purpose-driven wellness program. Employee health and wellness is our specialty. Reach out today to get started.