6 Reasons OnSite Wellness Can Help Your Company Reach its New Year's Goals

It's officially 2022, and we're all recovering from the hectic holiday season while also tackling our New Year's resolutions. We're setting all sorts of lofty goals: exercise every day, meal prep every weekend, read one book every week, only eat out twice a month. New Year's resolutions are often bold, and they're difficult to stick to because we don't take the small steps that are required to achieve our goals.
Luckily, we have a variety of services that will help set you and your employees up for success in 2022. Unlock your organization's full potential and check out all the ways you can help your organization hit its New Year's goals!
1. Corporate wellness programs

Our employee wellness programs benefit not only your staff, but your entire organization. We have a full library of wellness material that we are consistently changing to keep our content engaging, exciting, and relevant. Our programming isn't one-size-fits-all — we tailor our employee wellness programs to reach participants where they are, right when they need it.

We also provide extensive reports and insights to ensure the success of your wellness initiatives, and our flexibility allows us to support both short-term and long-term goals for your employees.

Our program options include:

— Live and recorded education classes and webinars

— On-Site Time

— Lifestyle coaching

— High-risk coaching

— Nicotine Cessation

— Online and paper challenges

2. Biometric screenings

We offer in-depth personalized health analyses with our biometric screenings. These fast, easy to understand, and informative screenings are a valuable check-in for all employees.

We're also one of the few companies that offer paperless HIPAA-compliant screenings that show year-after-year results, leading to successful coaching conversations that follow each screening.

Our biometric screenings include:

— Body Mass Index, waist circumference, and blood pressure

— Fasting lipid panel and glucose screening via finger prick (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, triglycerides, and cholesterol ratio; blood glucose)

— Immediate face-to-face coaching to review and explain screening results

— Follow-up protocol from a health professional for all-high risk participants

— Dedicated event coordinator for every screening event

— Educational materials and screening results are confidentially provided at events

— Biometric aggregate reporting for your company's health-risk analysis

— Optional tracking options are available, including Nicotine Usage Verification, EEOC Spouse Notification, and more!

3. Nicotine cessation

We know how difficult it is to quit smoking. And often, the first step is the hardest: deciding to quit. That's why we've developed our nicotine cessation program, to help individuals kick the habit and support them every step of the way.

This program highlights all of the incentives to quit smoking and provides realistic goals that people can stick to. We also pair every participant with a coach for the entire duration of the program; we know how crucial relationships are in order to create impact and achieve goals.

Because quitting is difficult on its own, we make access to coaching and education as simple as possible for our participants. We have an online portal and mobile app, so employees will have access wherever they are.

Our Nix the Nicotine tracker gives participants the chance to do some deep self-reflection; this powerful, one-week tracker allows participants to quantify their triggers, identify barriers to quitting, and allows them to become aware of other free community resources they can explore on their own.

4. Incentive plans

One great way to get people motivated is to offer them an incentive; everyone loves to be rewarded. We can help build your own personal incentive package that will inspire employees and keep them motivated throughout their health and wellness journey.

We begin by learning what kinds of incentives will be meaningful with your unique employees. That way, we can leverage what's valued in your culture and study how your previous wellness incentive strategies performed. We’ll also keep your incentive plan simple to administer and compliant with government regulations.

5. Small Business Solutions

Our Small Business Solutions wellness packages are guaranteed to increase the value of your company's most important and biggest investment: your employees. These packages are perfect for businesses with fewer than 75 employees. By utilizing our OnSite, Online Wellness Portal, you'll see greater productivity and retention, and a thriving company culture. 

First, all employees will register their own account on the portal and regularly visit it to find important wellness information, access online wellness classes, and utilize tools that are specifically geared towards their health risks. 

Our OnSite OnLine Wellness Portal tools include:

— Online health questionnaire

— Individualized health risk reports

— Wearable device with mobile app integration

— Robust health resource library

— Participation tracking

— Meal planning tools

— Exercise routine building

— Monthly wellness newsletters

— Ask the dietitian

— Ask the trainer

Our Small Business Solutions package also gives you a unique opportunity — you can collaborate with other small businesses to create a program that will meet your collective goals.

6. Consulting services
So you know you want to implement a wellness program at your organization, but you don't know where to start. That's where we come in. Through our consulting services, our experienced team will get to know you and your company so we can build a customized wellness solution that's right for you. We'll make sure that it fits within your budget and is legally compliant and evidence-based.
Our consulting services are based on 6 key concepts:
1. Ensure legal compliance by reviewing any current wellness initiatives you may have against latest regulations
2. Establish effective communication by providing frequent and consistent messaging to build transparency
3. Support a healthy workplace climate that fosters authenticity, trust, and self-motivation
4. Drive tier-down leadership support to provide meaning and purpose behind the organization’s wellness initiative
5.  Design a relevant incentive package that is valued by your participants to spark intrinsic motivation
6. Bring purpose to wellness by providing a variety of ways for individuals to participate that fits their schedule, personality, and likes

At OnSite Wellness, employee health and wellness is our specialty. Incorporating a wellness program at your workplace can have massive benefits for your employees in managing their health. Let us help you reach your New Year's goals and set your employees up for success! Contact us today to get started.