How to Boost Your Mental Health

It’s never been a more crucial time to focus on mental and emotional well-being. Many of us have understandably lost sight of our normal self-care routines. So how do we begin to pick up the pieces, re-create and return back to our healthy habits?

The creators of Well+Good partnered with Happy Not Perfect to help us answer this question by sharing a 1-month mental health challenge. The challenge offers just one simple goal for each day of the month. The goal is to commit to daily small steps, which end up having some pretty big benefits. Print off the monthly challenge below or download the Happy Not Perfect App and search for Mental Wellness Challenge on your smartphone!

Challenge Accepted!

There are four main focus areas included in the challenge (see legend at the bottom of the photo). The four areas are: Connection, Coping Mechanisms, Combating Stress, and New Routines. To better understand what the daily goals include, click here to see each one explained!