Effective Communication-No Matter the Circumstances

Communication is the universal bridge that connects us all. It is the process of gathering, receiving, processing and reverting information between all life. It allows us to convey our feelings, thoughts, wants and needs to others. Though communication has comes so naturally to us, there can often be struggles to communicate in an effective way.

It's no surprise during this stressful pandemic that our abilities to communicate have become more challenging, especially behind a screen. Digital communication has never been more crucial to getting our message across to others. Without effective communication, relationships can be strained, conflict can arise and we can disconnect from others. However, with the proper time and practice, there are ways to getting your message across effectively. Below are 7 Characteristics of Communication (Alessandra Martelli, Your Communication Alchemist) and 6 steps (LMA) of healthy communication. Practice these steps weekly to become a better sender and receiver in your everyday communication. Even in front of the screen! 

7 C's of Effective Communication
  • Completeness- A clear and complete message reduces the need to follow-up.
  • Consciousness- Keep your message to the point! A short and effective memo can include relevant information.
  • Consideration- Always take who your talking into account. How will your receiver react?  
  • Concreteness- Show your credibility. Concreteness mitigates the risk of misunderstanding, fosters trust and encourages constructive criticism. 
  • Courtesy- Be respecting of the receiver’s culture, values and beliefs – i.e. crafting a message that is genuinely polite and unbiased.

  • Clearness- Start with a clear communication goal. The clearer the message, the easier it will be for your receiver to decode the original content. 
  • Correctness- Correct grammar and syntax vouch for increased effectiveness and credibility of your message.
6 Steps for Effective Communication
  • Be conscious that your emotions show through.
  • You'll lose others if you are monotoned. Vary your voice, tone, and pitch. 
  • If you want people to accept your ideas, share them with enthusiasm!
  • Be aware of your gestures and the impact that they can have.
  • Eye contact is key!
  • Take into account a person’s gestures and listen to their tone.