How to Develop Comprehensive Programming for Your Employee Wellness Program

Different strokes for different folks. Everyone's heard that phrase once or twice.

Different things appeal to different people. When it comes to employee wellness programs, this saying is especially important. Everyone has their own preferences, interests, goals, and motivations. Your employee wellness program should cater to everyone's differences and personal interests —no one wants to participate in a program that was built for the masses.

Employees want flexibility, convenience, choice, and individualized programming that fits their needs. When given opportunities that fit their lifestyle, employees will feel heard and understood. And most importantly, they'll succeed. One of the ways you can offer engaging opportunities is by implementing Comprehensive Programming within your employee wellness program.

Our 10 best practices are effective tools we implement with our wellness solutions to ensure that companies have a successful employee wellness plan. We explored our sixth best practice, Comprehensive Programming, to help demonstrate how you can properly build an engaging, intentional employee wellness program that lasts.

What is Comprehensive Programming?

Comprehensive Programming is when your employee wellness program offers many engagement opportunities with an emphasis on flexibility of choice, convenience, and programming that fits a wide variety of interests.

When you create intentional programming for your employees, they are more likely to participate. Developing a more personalized employee wellness program will keep your team engaged while encouraging them to branch out and explore new wellness activities.

How to Integrate Comprehensive Programming Into Your Wellness Plan

Now that you understand the basics of Comprehensive Programming, here's how you can successfully implement it in your own employee wellness program. Following our best practices, your Comprehensive Programming was developed properly if...

—Employees have flexibility in programming with the ability to choose from a long list of on-site and online opportunities.

—Lifestyle Health Coaching is available to all employees.

—Offerings are available to all regular employees and spouses.

—One or more persons with a primary role dedicated to wellness program support is appropriate for the size of your organization.

—Employees have access to a dedicated wellness portal with health risk assessment.

—There's regular communication to all employees promoting upcoming program opportunities.

—You encourage employees to complete preventative appointments.

—As much as possible, well-being opportunities are available both on-site and online.

—High-risk health coaching is available to employees based on risk stratification.

—Biometric screenings and/or submitting proof of preventive physicals are offered periodically.

Each month, we'll continue to break down each of our 10 best practices in more detail — be sure to follow along and don't miss out on how you can invest in these wellness solutions to help your employees thrive!

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