June Is Professional Wellness Month: How You Can Get Involved

June of 2019 marks the 11th year of celebrating employee wellness and thousands of companies throughout the United States gather to celebrate. The celebration, started by Virgin Pulse back in 2009, highlights different organization's health and wellness tactics and aims to engage workforces in creating a new company culture. So how can your organization create incentives and get involved? Read onward to find out.

How Did This Holiday Come About?

Professional Wellness Month was created to encourage a workplace atmosphere that put importance on employee well-being. After years of research Brigham Young University found that unhealthy habits linked with 66 percent increased risk of productivity loss. On the contrary, healthy employees often reduce health care costs for the company and keep productivity leveled or has even increased it in some cases. 

Creating Incentives

It isn't always the easiest task to encourage employees to change eating and excising habits but some incentives could give the push they need into a healthier lifestyle. When designing an incentive package it's always important to keep in mind company demographics, culture and just what incentive structure has worked in the past. Some possible wellness prizes for achieved goals could possibly include swag and gift cards as well as insurance premium discounts. 

How YOU Can Get Started

The first step into creating your professional wellness strategy is to get in contact with a professional corporate wellness company! They will guide you into the wellness path that is unique for you and your company. A corporate wellness company will also ensure wellness initiatives stick to your organization's budget and uses platforms that are tailored to your employees. 

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