What's in a Name?

A name may seem so simple, but the meaning behind it means so much more. Recently, Onsite Wellness revamped the name behind our business to better reflect what we can do for our clients. We sat down with co-owner, Amy Ritsema to discuss the meaning behind the change of the name.

Onsite Wellness, Onsite, Online, and On-the-Go.

What inspired you to update the name of your business?
OnSite Wellness has been in business for 15 years. Over the years our philosophy of unlocking potential has not changed. However, times have changed and our new tagline reflects that shift. Today the world is more technology-based, so we are now offering more programming virtually. This allows us to meet employees wherever they are while continuing to build relationships and encourage positive change.
What is the new tagline? What does it mean to be Onsite, Online, and On-the-go?
We could have completely changed our name, but our name is well known and respected. So we opted for a tagline to better represent what we do and where we can do it. 
Do you feel that your potential customers were confused by your name?

We have been providing programs virtually to our clients for many years. However, after 18 months of the new way of work, we had many potential organizations saying they were interested in offering a wellness solution but didn’t want additional people on location.  We were contemplating a slight rebrand a couple of years ago, but admittedly, COVID accelerated our decision.

What is the same about your company and its revised logo?

We are still the Michigan-based, Woman-Owned Company we were before.  We have the same mission and values, we just want people to understand that we offer services both onsite and virtually.  We have clients across the country. They all receive the same great service whether we offer their programs onsite, online, or on the go!

Though Onsite Wellness' goals and values have never changed, a new logo will allow for our clients to know we are there for them no matter what work-life situation they are facing.