Steps for Safe Outdoor Gatherings

Right now, government regulations regarding reopening and social gatherings vary across state lines. However, no matter what state you reside in, outdoor gatherings are encouraged. That being said, it's important to participate in outdoor gatherings safely, so you can still enjoy socialization without putting yourself or anyone else at risk of COVID-19. Follow the steps below to make sure your outdoor gatherings are both fun and safe!

Step 1: GUESTS

  • Ensure that all persons who are invited to the outdoor gathering are not experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, and advise them to stay home if they are experiencing any symptoms
  • Do not invite anyone who is currently self-quarantining 


  • Keep gatherings to 10 people or less if possible
  • Space out chairs or other seating 6 feet or more apart to follow social distancing guidelines
  • Clean and disinfect all chairs, tables, or other communal surfaces before and after gathering
  • Encourage guests to sit at their own table or area when consuming food or drinks

Step 3: FOOD & DRINK

  • Ask guests to bring their own food
  • Ask guests to bring their own drinks
  • Ask guests to bring their own glasses, silverware, and napkins
  • If it is unavoidable to have each guest bring their own food, drink, and utensils, ensure that everyone washes their hands often, and set the food up to allow guests to collect it on their own


  • Bring and set up bottled water to ensure all guests are properly hydrated throughout the gathering
  • Try to hold the gathering in areas of shade, especially if it is hot and sunny
  • If you are using a grill, place it away from the home and far from any areas where children are playing
  • If you are using a grill, assign one person to stay near the grill at all times while it is turned on
  • If you are gathering near a body of water, make sure that all children are wearing life-jackets and go over boat safety rules with them. If you need a refresher on boat safety rules, click here.