Summer Swaps: Easy Healthy Alternatives For Your Favorite Summer Drinks

Summertime not only means indulging in the sunshine, but indulging in some of our favorite food and drink vices. But did you know that some of your favorite summer drinks have easy healthy swaps that lower calories and help curb your appetite? OnSite has some tips and tricks to make your enjoyable summer drinks a little bit healthier without sacrificing the flavor you love.

1. Use Real Fruit Juice

It's easy for us to grab pre-sweetened fruit syrups to add to our drinks, but why not use the most natural sweetener of all: actual fruit! Try subbing fake syrups and sweeteners for actual fruit for real taste that is healthy. Skip the lemonade packets, squeeze actual lemons beforehand and let soak in water for a few hours. Not long after you will have a drink thats crisp, refreshing, but best of all, healthy!

2. Try Agave Nectar 

Agave Nectar is a sweetener derived from species of agave plants that while has a similar calorie count as regular sugar, it also has a lower glycemic index. This means if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic that this might be a healthier sugar option. It's also a great substitute for many summer drinks that include syrup, and can also be blended into a nice summertime smoothie. 

3. Add To Your Water

Water is always a summer staple, but there are simple things you can add to make your water a little more exciting. Try adding some fresh cucumber to make your water even more refreshing. To add a citrus twist try adding some limes or oranges to your water jug, perfect for beach trips!

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