Take the Lunch Break



What does your lunch break typically look like? If you’re someone who skips lunch, rushes through it, or mindlessly eats while still working, you may be surprised to hear what research has to say about it.

Tork is an Essity brand which started a campaign titled, Take Back the Lunch Break. The campaign has been conducting research to better understand the benefits of taking a lunch break and the dangers of skipping out.

In 2017, Tork surveyed 1,600 employees and found that many workers feel pressure to not take a full lunch break, thinking they will be judged by coworkers and bosses as “less productive and less hardworking”.

But, according to Tork, North American workers who take lunch breaks every day “score higher on a wide range of employee engagement metrics, including job satisfaction as well as the likelihood to continue working at the same company or recommend their employer to others.”

Why Take The Break?

Taking time away from the computer for a true lunch break…

  1. Can help reduce stress
  2. Allows time to connect with coworkers
  3. Helps increase job engagement
  4. Restores energy levels
  5. Encourages employees to feel more effective and productive

Next time you are tempted to skip lunch or scrounge down a granola bar to be “more effective and productive”, think again. Make it a goal this week to take a lunch break each day. Pack a nutritious lunch with foods that will leave you feeling re-charged and energized for the remainder of your day!

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