Wellness Workshops


Hey Wellness Participants, are you curious about a certain health related topic? Check out the Online Wellness Workshops provided on our website, OnSite OnLine. Workshops are self-study modules that you can complete on your own time, right from home, for free. There are nearly 50 different workshops that cover issues relating to mental health, emotional health, and physical health. Check out the list below of the topics right at your fingertips!

If you participate in an OSW Wellness Program, check out the OnSite OnLine workshop topics below:

112-Week Weight Management

Advanced Training & Nutrition

Alcohol Abuse and Addiction




Be Your Own Health Advocate

Cardiovascular Disease


Core Workshop

Couch To 5K Training


Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes Prevention

Drug Abuse and Self-Management


Financial Wellness


Healthy Aging

Heart Failure


High Cholesterol

Job Stress

Life Balance

Managing Your Allergies

Metabolic Syndrome

Migraine Headaches



Personal Goal Setting

Personality & Stress

Prepare for Flu Season

Preventative Health – Female

Preventative Health – Male

Quitting Tobacco


Sleep & Shift Work

Sleep Better

Smoking Cessation

Social Stress

Sports Injury Prevention

Strength Workshop

Stretching and Flexibility

Stress Management

Tension Headaches

Understanding Back Pain

Weight Management



How Do I Get Started?

1. Click Here to log in

2. On the top menu bar, click Wellness Workshops

3. Select the topic you wish to learn about, and select “Sign Up”

4. Read the directions by selecting your workshop under “Tasks” menu bar

*Length and points vary per workshop


Questions? Contact OnSite Wellness Support at 616-309-2773.

Not a part of an OSW Wellness Program? Contact us to get a demo of the OnSite OnLine portal experience at 616-309-2775.

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