Why Champion Networks and Wellness Committees are Crucial for Employee Wellness Programs

Remember working on group projects in high school? We feel your pain. No one really enjoyed working in groups — many members often kicked back and put in minimal effort, if any. But there was always one person that took the lead and organized information, communicated updates, developed a strategy, and created a timeline.

This person was essential to keeping the group on track, and they made sure everyone understood expectations and knew what was happening within their group. This individual's role likely determined the success level of the group project. 

In the employee wellness world, this person would be considered a member of a Champion Network or Wellness Committee. In order to be successful, employee wellness programs need motivated individuals that regularly communicate information, feedback, and promotions to keep everyone excited, engaged, and informed.

Our 10 best practices are effective tools we implement with our wellness solutions to ensure that companies have a successful employee wellness plan. We explored our fifth best practice, which is Champion Network and Wellness Committee, to help demonstrate how you can properly build an engaging employee wellness program that lasts.

What is a Champion Network?

A Champion Network is a group of individuals within an organization that distribute promotions and information to employees regarding their wellness program. Its main purpose is to make sure everyone involved is aware of expectations, feedback, and updates regarding the wellness program.

What is a Wellness Committee?

A Wellness Committee is a strategic group that oversees and makes decisions regarding the employee wellness program. Members of the Wellness Committee are also Champions.

Defining successful Champion Networks and Wellness Committees

Now that you understand the roles of Champion Networks and Wellness Committees, it's time to learn how you can successfully create them for your own employee wellness program. Following our best practices, your Champion Network and Wellness Committee were developed correctly if...

—Your organization has established both a Wellness Committee for strategic direction and a Champion Network for programming promotions, communications, and feedback.

—Your wellness partner attends your Champion Network and Wellness Committee meetings and plays an active role in both groups.

—Your Champion Network and Wellness Committee meet regularly throughout the year.

Each month, we'll continue to break down each of our 10 best practices in more detail — be sure to follow along and don't miss out on how you can invest in these wellness solutions to help your employees thrive!

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