Why Step Outside

Most of us can’t deny that it simply feels good to be outdoors. Fresh air, sunshine, and the views and sounds of nature make us feel relaxed, happy, and energized. Here are some great reasons why we should get outdoors this week!

Nature Makes Us Happy

One study revealed that people living within 1 km of a park or wooded area experience less anxiety and depression. For those of us who don’t live close to one, find a park or trail that is within reasonable driving distance and go explore.


Nature Makes Us Healthy

Being outdoors helps to improve quality of sleep, increases focus and attention, reduces mental stress, and increases energy. By and large, time spent in nature helps to improve all three areas of health including physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


Nature Gives Us a Break from Technology

We are so often tied to technology – the television, phone, or computer. Although always being connected has some benefits, it can create more harm than good when it isn’t kept in check. Next time you step outside, put your phone on silent or leave it at home so you can enjoy being connected to the nature around you.


Nature Makes for Good Connection

Spending quality time with loved ones outdoors helps to enrich our social interactions and feelings of connection. Plan a walk, hike, or bike ride with family members or friends.


Nature Makes Us Adventurous

When we explore a new hiking trail or find ourselves in unfamiliar surroundings, we learn to be more flexible and adaptable. Taking on new adventure helps us learn new skills and feel empowered. Look around in your area for a place you have not yet visited!

Stepping outdoors helps to boost our mind and our body. The sights of trees and birds and plants, the smells of rain and water and flowers, the breaths of fresh and clean air, and the natural lighting all help us feel more connected to life, to ourselves, and to others. Are you getting enough time outdoors? Schedule in two days this week that you will spend time enjoying nature.

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