Hacks For Eating Healthy While On The Road

Spring Break is just around the corner, and a lot of us are looking forward to time off from our jobs, routines, and (hopefully) the cold weather. But, it’s easy to see vacation as a break from everything—including healthy eating habits.

Of course, it's ok to splurge on vacation, but maintaining balance in your diet is a good idea. It can help you keep extra pounds at bay and leave you feeling your best. Plus, eating and drinking patterns away from home can simply make you feel sick. But healthy eating while you're traveling isn't an easy feat.

Vacations can lead us to rushed airport meals, skipped breakfasts, and panic-bought fast food. Amber Worst, our registered dietitian, has shared how she and her family make healthier choices on the go, and how you can, too.

Whether you're traveling by car, plane, or boat this spring, make sure to keep good nutrition in mind while you're away from home.

Our family of five is heading out the door soon for a road trip. Dried fruit and nut mix, pretzels with hummus, and snack bars are easy travel snacks that my family loves. Before you leave home, pack up some non-perishable snacks (that are also TSA-approved, in case you're flying). Staying ahead of hunger with these quick bites can help you make healthier food choices throughout the rest of your trip.

To also make it easy, I wash and cut fruit and veggies for easy grab-and-go options. Since we're traveling on the road, I'll usually bring a cooler and pack it with perishable items, like hard-boiled eggs and sandwiches. If you aren’t eating right away, keep cooler items below 40°F so that bacteria doesn’t have a chance to grow.

When traveling, always keep in mind food safety and wash your hands before you eat. Hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes are handy if you're on the go or don't have access to running water. 

Proper hydration is another thing that often gets overlooked when you're on the road. If you're traveling within the United States, water is regulated and tested. I like to bring along our refillable water bottles and make sure to drink and refill them throughout the day.

If you're leaving the country, use caution when drinking straight out of the faucet. Before you do, find out if your accommodation has a water purification system. If you're not sure, don't drink or brush your teeth with tap water. Instead, just use bottled or canned water, and make sure the seal or cap is intact when you get it. 

Eating out is inevitable. Whether you're stopping by a drive-thru or a casual restaurant, try to choose healthier options on the menu. Focus on items that are grilled, steamed, broiled, or baked.

Often when we're rushed, a quick burger, some fried chicken, a pizza, or a sandwich is pretty convenient. Yet, these meals are high in calories, saturated fats, and sodium. And they typically fall short on vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and dairy—leaving us feeling bloated and sluggish.

You can still order the sandwich, but maybe swap the fries for some pre-packed fruits and veggies to help balance it out.

If you stop at a gas station or an airport terminal, keep an eye out for pre-washed, pre-cut veggies, hummus, hard-boiled eggs, cheese sticks, whole-grain sandwiches with lean meat, and fruit with the peel (like an orange or banana) for more nutritious, filling options.

We hope these healthy eating tips will help you maintain a balanced diet when you're busy traveling for vacation. At OnSite Wellness LLC, health and wellness is our specialty.

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