How To Make Your Favorite Fourth Foods Healthy

From fireworks to BBQ, Independence Day is one of the funnest friend filled holidays here in the states. And while it's important to have fun, The Fourth Of July can also be a time to indulge in some foods that, to be quite frank, are just not that good for you. While we have your summer swaps for your favorite summer drinks, here are some easy ways to make holiday favorite foods a bit healthier for you and the rest of the party. 

Use Real Fruit In Your Pie

There's nothing more American than apple pie right? Skip the overly sugared store bought apple pie filling and cut your own apples! Apple pie filling is also chock full of preservatives and additives that aren't good for you. Making your own with all natural ingredients may not cut down on calories, but it surely will be filled with other goodness that is essential to the health of your body.

Veggie Filled Dips Everyone Will Enjoy 

It's no secret that avocados are totally amazing for you. Instead of the usual guacamole on the table, try an avocado and black bean salad. Full of avocado, black beans, tomato, and garlic these veggies add tremendous flavor and offer more vitamins and antioxidants than regular guacamole. 

Make Your Own BBQ Sauce

Some holiday staples you can just get rid of completely! Making homemade BBQ sauce can cut down on sodium intake during your fourth festivities tremendously. Not to mention it's super easy. Homemade BBQ sauce only needs some onion, tomato sauce, vinegar, chili powder and some salt to season and you are good to go! Find your perfect healthy BBQ recipe online.

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