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From Couch to 5K: A Training Plan for New Runners

For new runners, a 5K can sound pretty intimidating. But even if you’ve never run before, running your first 5K is completely achievable, regardless of your fitness level. You just need to have patience, persistence, and lots of motivation. Of...

How to Find Purpose in Your Work

"A job is a job." We've all heard this phrase before. At the end of the day, a job provides an income and supports us financially. And while that might be true, there's still a lot of value in finding meaning in our jobs.

Tips for Gardening at Home

Growing your own food has so many health benefits — physical, mental, social, you name it. Gardening is a good form of exercise, it can improve your diet, reduce your stress levels, and bring you closer to others with community garden beds.

What to Shop for at the Farmers Market

The weather is warming up, which means it's finally that time of year — farmers market season. Shopping at a farmers market is the easiest way to eat locally-grown, fresh produce. And it's easy to know where the food comes from — the growers are...

The Mental Health Benefits of Being Socially Connected

Everyone loves to have a good time. You know when you leave a social gathering feeling totally refreshed and completely fulfilled? We're all familiar with that warm, fuzzy feeling. Time spent with those that you trust and that care about you is good...

Facts and Myths About Mental Health

Over the last few years, mental health has become a hot topic of discussion. The COVID-19 pandemic really shifted the conversation on mental health and how we view mental illness — it's taken away some of the stigma, and therapy has become more...


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