10 Tools to Engage Your Employees in Wellness

    Employee wellness programs have become more popular than ever. They boost morale, increase productivity, improve employee retention and can have a positive effect on health care costs — personal health and job satisfaction truly go hand in hand....

    Looking Back on a Life of Wellness: Roy Zuidema Celebrates Retirement

    Goodbyes are never easy. And although it's often sad to say goodbye, it just means that it's the start of a new, beautiful chapter. Our client services manager, Roy Zuidema, is officially retiring at the end of this month after three fun-filled...

    5 Reasons You Should Offer Biometric Screenings

    It's never been more important to stay on top of your health and take care of your well-being. That's why this month, we're sharing the importance of biometric screenings and the impact they can have on you and your organization's health and...

    An Unexpected Journey

    In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, our co-owner, Amy Ritsema, has shared her journey over the last year since her cancer diagnosis and the ways she has put her mental health first during this challenging time. Check out her story and some of...

    8 Books to Read During Mental Health Awareness Month

    It's officially Mental Health Awareness Month! To honor taking care of ourselves and our mental health, we've compiled a list of books — non-fiction and fiction — that help normalize discussing mental health struggles.

    Woman eating at a restaurant outside

    Food for Thought: What You Eat Affects Your Mental and Emotional Health

    Everyone knows what it's like to feel hangry (hungry + angry). And it's not pleasant. We find ourselves irritated at the slightest inconvenience, and we resort to desperate (and speedy) measures to satisfy our cravings. And we usually end up...


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